Soya Isaflavone Kudzu Root Red Clover Tablets

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Our tablets contain significant amounts of isoflavones, which are recognized as some of the most active phytoestrogens found in human diets. These compounds may offer relief from menopausal symptoms. During menopause, a decline in estrogen levels occurs, and it is believed that phytoestrogens could serve as a substitute for the body's reduced estrogen, potentially alleviating symptoms like hot flushes and dry skin.

Interest in phytoestrogens has grown due to evidence suggesting that women in Japan and Asia, who consume diets abundant in these compounds, experience fewer instances of hot flushes and sweats compared to their western counterparts. These regions often have diets rich in soy-containing foods, known for their high phytoestrogen content. Among the primary phytoestrogens in the human diet are isoflavones, primarily found in legume-type plants like soy and red clover. Additionally, kudzu root serves as another significant source of various isoflavone compounds.

Our tablets incorporate high-quality standardized extracts from all three of these plants, offering a convenient alternative to consuming variable levels of phytoestrogens found in peas and beans.


SUPPLEMENT FACTS (Amount Per Serving)

Soya Extract 100mg (10% Isoflavones), Kudzu Root Powder Extract 60mg (40% Isoflavones), Red Clover Powder Extract 50mg (2.5% Isoflavones), providing 35mg Isoflavones.

INGREDIENTS: Di Calcium Phosphate, Soya Extract, Kudzu Root Powder Extract, Red Clover Powder Extract, Magnesium Stearate

DIRECTIONS: 1 tablet per day with a meal as a food supplement.


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