BCAA Branched Chain Amino Acid Tablets

Bottle or Packet Size

BCAAs, known as Branched Chain Amino Acids, constitute essential building blocks of protein.

  • Used by many fitness enthusiasts
  • May play a role in supporting muscle development
  • Suggested association with aiding muscle recovery, potentially contributing to endurance and strength

SUPPLEMENT FACTS (Amount Per Serving)

Each tablet provides on average: L-Leucine USP/FCC 500mg, L-Isoleucine FCC 250mg, L-Valine 250mg.

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Comprecel (Microcrystalline Cellulose BP), Glucidex IT 19 (Maltodextrin USP), Kollidon (PVP), I.P.A. (31 Litres in 35000), Pregeflo M1 20 AM (Modified Maize Starch), Magnesium Stearate BP (Veg Origin)

DIRECTIONS: Take 1 tablet per day with a meal as a food supplement.


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